Plans, Activities and Events for the 2nd IGWG Session - Oct 24-28

1.     Mobilization

 1a. Mobilization at regional and national level

Get inspired by, and share with others, the CSO Treaty advocacy activities already taking place in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe! 

 1b. Mobilization in Geneva

Treaty Alliance members are preparing for a week of mobilization in Geneva, with participation and oral statements in the 2nd IGWG session, case studies, side events, parallel events, media events.  An update will be shared in September.

 Written contributions for the IGWG session: Deadline 1 September. 

Word limit for non-ECOSOC accredited organizations: 2.000 words.

Language: One of the official UN languages.

 Accreditation: Information should be available early September.  See the 2015 note for NGOs:

 Side events: In 2015, the deadline for proposals for side events was 2 weeks before the session.  This year it may be earlier, as the deadline for written contributions is earlier.

 Some references from 2015:

-       List of official side events (See “Documentation / Parallel Events”):

-       Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, Week of mobilization programme:

1c. Communications

Treaty Alliance members are working to strengthen and share communications efforts.

Check the latest initiatives on the Treaty Alliance website sections, “News,” “Events,” “Get More Involved.”

Treaty Alliance Newsletter (coming soon)

Treaty Alliance leaflet (under development)

Twitter hashtag: #Stopcorporateabuse

2.     Participation by governments

We continue to work for constructive engagement by the broadest number of governments possible, this will be very important to support the process.

 The updated Questions & Answers document can help in answering both questions and concerns from governments about the Treaty process. (Available upon request)

Reference from 2015: Here you can find a list of the States who attended the frst IGWG session:

(Report A/HRC/31/50 of the 1st IGWG session, Section II.b)

3.     IGWG session work programme

As stated in the IGWG mandate, during its 2nd session discussions will continue on the principles, scope and content of the Treaty. 

(Negotiations will start during the 3rd session in 2017, when a text is expected to be presented). 

It is likely that the work programme will continue to address the issues present in the 1st session: 

-       Scope: Coverage of the Instrument: TNCs and other Business Enterprises: concepts and legal nature in International Law

-       Scope : Human rights to be covered under the Instrument with respect to activities of TNCs and other business enterprises

-       Content: Obligations of States to guarantee the respect of human rights by TNCs and other business enterprises, including extraterritorial obligations

-       Content: Enhancing the responsibility of TNCs and other business enterprises to respect human rights, including prevention, mitigation and remediation

-       Content: Legal liability of TNCs and other business enterprises: What standard for corporate legal liability and for what conduct?

-       Content: Building National and international mechanisms for access to remedy, including international judicial cooperation, with respect to human rights violations by TNCs and other business enterprises. -The OHCHR accountability and remedy project

The provisional agenda should be available early September.

Reference from 2015: Here you can find the programme of work of the 1st IGWG session.

In 2015, the session was webcast on UN TV.  We do not know yet if this will again be the case.

4.     Shaping the treaty

During the 1st session, participating States mainly asked questions to the expert panels on the above topics.  During the 2nd session, States will be increasingly encouraged to express their views. 

Treaty Alliance sign-on political statement in support of the Treaty process (under development)

Treaty Alliance statement on Corporate Capture, May 2016 (available on Treaty Alliance website)

Joint statement by the Treaty Alliance to the 1st IGWG session (available on website)


Resource library: Collection of resources from Treaty Alliance members (under development)

Some references from 2016:

-       May 2016, ESCR-Net and FIDH Treaty Initiative briefs for consultation:

Some references from 2015:

-       July 2015, 1st IGWG session

o    Report A/HRC/31/50 of the 1st IGWG session

o    Contributions by legal experts and civil society groups

-       November 2015, South Centre newsletter covering the 1st IGWG session

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