Positioning the binding treaty on transnational corporations towards protecting the rights of women Human rights defenders and minority constituencies

The rising power and extended reach of corporations in the current era of globalisation and extreme inequality, is an urgent challenge confronting women and oppressed peoples. Corporate power impacts gender justice, women’s rights and lives through its influence on policies that shape the global economy.

After years of constant call from civil society that culminated in the creation of the Treaty Alliance and our joint statement calling for a treaty to address corporate human rights violations, to be established through an open-ended intergovernmental working group, in June 2014, the UN Human Rights Council initiated the journey to negotiate a binding treaty.

AWID and WILPF are part of the Treaty Alliance and would like to share and hear what a feminist treaty on Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises with regards to Human Rights would look like.

Organisers: AWID and WILPF


Moderator: Patita Tingoi – AWID


  • Maria Munoz – WILPF
  • Emem Okon – Niger Delta
  • Maria Eugenia – Ecuador
  • Annie Matundu Mbambi – WILPF DRC

*This is an event of the AWID Forum: Costa do Saouípe, Bahia, Brazil 8-11 September 2016 *

*http://forum2016.awid.org/home *

Date: 11 September

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Place: Premium – Semente de Cacu 1-3