We call States to participate actively in upcoming negotiations of the international treaty to ensure protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises

This statement is also available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Hindi, German and Italian

We welcome the two successful sessions (2015 and 2016) of the United Nations open-ended intergovernmental working group (OEIGWG) on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights exploring the nature, scope, and elements that could be included in a “legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights”. The OEIGWG will hold its next session in October 23-27, 2017, to begin negotiating the content and scope of the new instrument.

Globally, corporations are engaged in operations that result in environmental pollution and degradation, land grabbing, use of slave labor, threats to access to medicines and public health services, disrespect of labor standards, and cases of violence against people and human rights defenders, among others. For these abuses, corporations must be held accountable. Currently, there are a series of regulatory gaps, some due to the fact that corporations operate internationally, while the laws regulating them have a national character. In this context of impunity, business corporations more easily capture international as well as national institutions. Trade and investment agreements signed by States guarantee corporations ample rights and privileges and profit making, but there is no corresponding international regulation by States to ensure that the operations of corporations are conducted without incurring human and environmental rights abuses. The introduction and regulation of corporations’ liabilities nationally and internationally is needed so that States finally start meeting their obligations to protect human rights and the environment against harmful activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

We believe that the rich debate that has taken place at the OEIGWG so far has shown the need for an international, legally binding instrument to (1) enhance the protection of affected individuals and communities against violations related to the operation of transnational corporations and other business enterprises, and (2) provide them with access to effective remedies, in particular through judicial mechanisms. The sessions included exchanges and debates between representatives of affected communities, experts, jurists, activists, and parliamentarians from different regions and sectors, with State representatives. The sessions have contributed to the identification of a common ground for further progress in the elaboration of the treaty based on the primary obligation of States to protect human rights, including extraterritorially.

The mobilization of movements and national and international civil society organizations has significantly grown. Their constant, constructive advocacy at national level and presence in the United Nations deliberations has been key to supporting the process and shown the importance of the prospective treaty for the struggles for social justice and human rights in the world.

The new legally binding instrument should be a step forward in the promotion and protection of human rights, building on previous efforts, and establishing a complementary framework to the existing international human rights instruments. A set of binding obligations and enforcement mechanisms is the next necessary and logical step in the process that started several decades ago. The treaty must stipulate the primacy of human rights law over corporate rights and privileges which are enshrined in the biased and unfair framework created in trade and investment agreements. It must also establish a strong international framework for corporate legal accountability to ensure access to justice for affected individuals and communities and thus put an end to business impunity. International cooperation among States must be strengthened to address these global regulatory challenges.

To be successful, the third session of the OEIGWG should encourage: (1) A substantive, cooperative, and constructive negotiation between States about concrete and detailed elements of the treaty concerning its content and scope, (2) A participatory approach to ensure diverse civil society perspectives, and (3) The establishment of a road map for the completion of the negotiations within a short period of time.

We underline our strong commitment to the process, urging all States to focus on the negotiation of the content of the treaty at this occasion. We call on the public to pay attention to this critical process and actively mobilize in support of it at the national, regional and international level. 




  1. Sofyan Eyanks
  2. Elodie Lemaire
  3. Stephan Backes
  4. Sara Mieth
  5. Dr Joshua Curtis
  6. Daniel Fyfe
  7. Richard DELPLANQUE
  8. Jennifer Valcke
  9. Tsega Gebremeskel Mels
  10. Manuel Eggen
  11. Béatrice DAVIDJ
  12. Sylvia Obregon Quiroz
  13. Dr. Brigitte Hamm
  14. Plataforma Internacional contra la Impunidad
  15. Irene Pietropaoli
  16. Danilo Rueda
  17. Andrey Laletin
  18. Hector de Prado
  19. Hervé Bund
  20. Tchenna Fernandes Maso
  21. Liliane Spendeler
  22. Gea Meijers
  23. M. Alejandra Morena
  24. Jessica Behrendt
  25. Sahabat Alam Malaysia
  26. Christine Born
  27. Angela Zarro
  28. Matt Casteel
  29. Claudio Schuftan
  30. Daniel Gusenbauer
  31. Ernest Aigner
  32. Tamara Premrov
  33. Maximilian Mayerhofer
  34. Yeji Jeong
  35. Rebecka Mosquera Jalvemyr
  36. Maite Serrano Oñate
  37. Colin Brouard
  38. Greet Goverde
  39. Sara Sánchez Palacios
  40. Susan M Randolph
  41. Stefano Prato
  42. Maryline Bisilliat
  43. Guillaume Joseph
  44. RABETRANO Richard
  45. Tobias Artacker
  46. Nicoletta Dentico
  47. Marta Benavides
  48. Jean-Cyril Dagorn
  49. Raymond Tetteh Commey
  50. Yvan Maillard
  51. Lovise Ribe
  52. Yifang Tang
  53. Françoise MICHALON
  55. Els van Dongen
  56. Lyndsay Tarus
  57. desaymoz
  58. Ernst-Christoph Stolper
  59. Tim Engel
  60. LAFON-VIOLETTE Lilianne
  61. fefeu-rossi
  62. Anwar Fazal
  63. Milagros Serrana
  64. Claudine LEROY
  65. josette Bel
  66. Huteau Manon        
  67. Mia Van de Velde
  68. Urantsooj Gombosuren
  69. Mme Martin-Béguery Isabelle
  70. Dr Meriel Watts
  71. Descourvières Marie France
  72. Pascale Pfister
  73. thiriet Jennifer
  74. elisabeth galano
  75. Rita Trautmann
  76. Poingt Jacqueline
  77. Elfrieda Pschorn-Strauss
  78. Marijke Kuipers
  79. Morgane Thominiaux
  80.  Brigitte Reisenberger
  81. Joana Rocha Dias
  82. Catherine Slimani
  83. Pedro Krupenski
  84. Giovanna Soutinho Araújo
  85. Susan Randolph
  86. FAUBERT Nicole
  87. Gaume Edith membre de l'association "Artisans du Monde"
  88. Michael Nanz
  89. Alice Junqueira
  90. Ryan Wilson
  91. Luis González Macías
  92. Stefan Reinhold
  93. Marit Erdal
  94. Sigmund Gulliksrud
  95. Jacqueline DARTOIS
  96. Lotte Liegmann
  97. nicolle renaud
  98. elodie isidoro
  99. Edwin Adolfo Nájera González
  100. Sian Cowman
  101. Luisa Fernanda Nicolau Ozaeta
  102. Adam W. Parsons
  103. Leslie FEFEU
  104. rüdiger stegemann
  105. Helga Kuhnert
  106. Christine Steck
  107. Giselle Meza Martell
  108. Erin Helfert
  109. Maria Veronica Velandia Revelo
  110. Doornik Natuurakkers
  111. Ann Louise Lie
  112. sarju Prasad Chaudhary
  113. Mme Annick GRANDSIRE
  114. artisans du monde
  115. marchello marie
  116. Chesnel Chantal
  117. Nathalie Morvan
  118. Marion Grossmann
  119. GABORIT Patrick
  120. Cécile Legrix
  121. Fau alain
  122. Mme Benhamed
  123. laurent sirot
  124. Anne-Marie VAUTTIER
  125. placido silva
  126. jacqueline Wintzer
  127. Claudine LEROY
  128. carreau lucile
  129. Christliche Initiative Romero
  130. Lyudmila Atanassova
  131. Veronique Porteneuve
  132. CATELIN Roseline (ADM)
  133. B. Wimmel
  134. Ricardo Gayol Rodríguez
  135. Cabaret Françoise
  136. Edgar Mojuca Vanegas
  137. Karsten Weitzenegger
  138. KANTEMIR Jocelyne
  139. Mayara Fontes
  140. Shehnaz Munshi
  141. Cathy chaves
  142. Rodolfo vecino Acevedo
  143. JOYCE

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Key Priorities for action, escr-net peoples' forum on human rights & business, october 2014, bogota (Colombia)

Key Priorities for action, escr-net peoples' forum on human rights & business, october 2014, bogota (Colombia)