Key Ways You Can Join The Movement!


Engage Your Government

You can use this template letter as a draft - altering it to include whatever text you want to write to your government. The most relevant government offices would be the foreign office and the prime minister/president. 

Connect with Mainstream Media 

You can use the template press release we've designed - feel free to change whatever information you like and be sure to include at the top the reasons why a treaty is really important for your country (for example, include reference to any major well known corporate human rights abuses going on in your country).

Connect with the UN Intergovernmental Working Group

The Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) has a dedicated webpage on the website of the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights. You can find information on the first session of the IGWG between July 6-9, 2015 on this webpage. The IGWG can be contacted by email at: For a link to the UN Human Rights Council resolution  that established the IGWG, you can find that on this webpage

Join us for the 2nd IGWG session - 24-28 October 2016

The second session of the Inter-governmental Working Group on the Treaty, taking place on 24-28 October in Geneva, is fast approaching.   We invite you to join us, share with us your own plans, and strengthen the efforts by the Treaty Alliance towards this key moment!

Click here to see some of the  plans, actions and tools already in development in the run-up to the session. 


Form a National Treaty Alliance  

Join with other civil society groups and activists in your country to plan some activities together. Contact to find out who is active near you. We have developed Question & Answer sheet for anyone to use for advocacy activities in your own country, including preparing for media interviews and government meetings. For a copy of the Question & Answer sheet please email 

Join the Week of Mobilisation,
July 6-9 2015, Geneva 

We have a lot of activities planned in Geneva in July so make sure you write to us if you are planning to come!  Contact:    

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